The Swedish Hydrographic Office chooses CARIS

Through a competitive tender process The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) has chosen CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) as the new system to meet the Hydrographic Office's current and future requirements.

With HPD the Hydrographic Office will have the latest and most efficient system for the management of spatial data and the efficient production of paper and electronic charts. Efficiently and securely migrating data and transitioning the work force to a new system while continuously ensuring safety at sea is vital for the Hydrographic Office, who represents Sweden as a member of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).

The delivery of HPD includes a comprehensive training plan ensuring that more than 20 daily operators who will use HPD gain a good understanding of data management allowing the continued production and maintenance of more than 100 paper charts and more than 550 ENCs.

The Swedish Maritime Administration is responsible for accessibility and safety in the Swedish waters. Services include, but are not limited to, pilotage, Icebreaking, Maritime Traffic Information, Maritime and Aeronautical Search and Rescue and Hydrography.

HPD offers an integrated suite of products that can manage data in a seamless database, providing a multi-user environment for efficient data and chart production. Products such as S-57 ENCs, IENCs, S-57 AMLs, Paper Charts and Nautical Publications can all be created with the system as well as GIS exports for further data analysis, distribution and discovery.

Published 2015-11-27

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