HIPS and SIPS and AML Production Training for Royal Australian Navy

CARIS recently completed a series of training courses with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in preparation to standardize the data processing and electronic charting workflows for their Survey Motor Launches (SMLs) on CARIS software. Introductory training courses were led by Tami Beduhn, Fernanda Viana and Christian Fellinger at the HMAS Cairns naval base in Queensland. The purpose of the training was to update RAN Hydrographers with the latest advances in HIPS and SIPS, and to introduce Additional Military Layers (AML) production with S-57 Composer.

The trainings included reviews of multibeam and sidescan processing workflows, the creation of bathymetric products, as well as an overview of the AML product specifications. The courses consisted of hands-on exercises along with time for questions and discussions. Participants also had the opportunity to review and practice the concepts learned with their own datasets.

CARIS has been used successfully for several years on the larger RAN Hydrographic Survey Ships (HSs) and this has led to the widespread adoption of HIPS and SIPS and S-57 Composer on the SMLs. The CARIS solution will provide a streamlined workflow for multibeam and sidescan processing, and an in-field electronic charting capability, giving much improved operational efficiency.

Published 2015-10-07

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