Boundary delimitation training for Africa's third largest Lake

Technical experts from Malawi and Mozambique

CARIS recently provided training on the new BASE Editor Limits and Boundaries software for the delimitation of the Malawi-Mozambique boundary in Lake Malawi / Lake Nyasa. The lake is Africa’s third largest and the ninth largest in the world. The training was held in the framework of the African Union Border Program and was funded GIZ, a German government agency for international cooperation. CARIS’ Ottokarl Büchsenschütz-Nothdurft led a group of technical experts from the Republic of Malawi and the Republic of Mozambique at the offices of the National Institute of the Sea and Boundaries in Maputo, Mozambique. Over the course of five days of training the participants acquired skills in the latest geodetic tools and learned how to apply them to their specific boundary delimitation task. One key result was a review of the lakes coastline with the goal of identifying stretches that could potentially play an important role in the boundary delimitation. These will be further investigated as they work towards a final boundary decision.

Published 2015-07-27

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