Creed's Clearwater Revival

Data collection and QC on the bridge of the C.C.G.S Frederick G. CreedCARIS recently joined the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) for their first survey of the 2015 field season aboard the C.C.G.S Frederick G. Creed. Burns Foster, Product Manager for HIPS and SIPS, met the vessel and the CHS survey team in the New Brunswick Port of Belledune to learn about their current field practices, hardware configuration and processing workflows. While on board Burns assisted the survey team with data processing and provided ad-hoc training and consulting as the CHS transitions to the latest HIPS and SIPS 9.0 release, which will be used for the 2015 field season. New functionality in the Navigation and Attitude Editors were given special attention and proved very useful in determining if GPS tide was being computed correctly. The Attitude Editor now allows multiple time series plots, such as GPS Tide and Heave, to be compared in the same graph view. This experience provided Burns with an invaluable opportunity to prioritize future developments in the software.

CARIS will meet with the Creed again in July to conduct a CARIS Onboard Pilot Project.

Published 2015-06-11

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