CARIS launches developer website

CARIS developers websiteCARIS has launched a new website for developers to aid in the creation of custom applications. The new website provides users with access to tools and documentation of CARIS Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as well as a discussion forum for the collaboration of information and sharing of scripts.

The CARIS Python API provides bindings for scripting using Python programming language. Using the online documentation users are guided through a series of tutorials and examples for working with raster and point cloud data. These bindings provide a simple, consistent model to automate and integrate data and operations with external functions and software.

OSCAR-js is a JavaScript map API which allows users to create and embed custom web maps. The API helps to create a feature rich mapping experience, providing developers with tools for navigation, measurement and download, as well as the means to create their own custom tools and extensions.

Through the discussion forum users can engage with the CARIS user community on a variety of different discussion topics surrounding APIs and product specific functionality. Topics for discussion are available to users through open and members access discussion groups.

Published 2015-03-19

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