Enhanced discovery capabilities in Spatial Fusion Enterprise 5.8

CARIS is pleased to announce the latest release of its web mapping server, CARIS Spatial Fusion Enterprise 5.8. Enhancements to the catalogue services, coverage services and data connections to raster data have been the primary focus of this release.

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) has been included with this release. This will allow enhanced data discovery in client applications and web searches. CARIS has also updated support for OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS), which is used to access bathymetry datasets. The introduction of the catalogue service also means that it is utilized for searching rather than the coverage service, which was previously the case.

An increased number of raster formats are now supported in Spatial Fusion Enterprise. Tile mosaics can also be created from file-based data sources, as well as data residing in the CARIS Bathy DataBASE.

Spatial Fusion Enterprise provides tools for sharing hydrographic data using the OGC standards. The web mapping server is utilized by hydrographic offices around the world and is an important step in establishing a marine spatial data infrastructure (MSDI).

Published 2014-12-17

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