Spectacular wreck imagery in Libyan waters

In recent weeks, it has been reported in the media that the Royal Navy's survey ship, HMS Echo, made a successful visit to Libya to further support the Libyan authorities. The surveys completed off the Libyan coast revealed a number of uncharted wrecks in addition to reefs and rocks.

The multibeam data collected by the HMS Echo was processed in CARIS HIPS and SIPS, which is an integral part of the workflow adopted by the Royal Navy.

HMS Echo is in the early stages of an 18-month mission to improve seafarers' charts on behalf of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) in Taunton. The data collected off the coast of Libya will be shared with the Libyan Hydrographic Office in order for charts of the area to be updated.

This article and associated images have been reproduced with permission of the Royal Navy.

Published 2013-09-09

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