CARIS Database Solution Completes Canadian Hydrographic Information Network

CARIS' Bathy DataBASE (BDB) software has provided the last link of a 25 year project enabling the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) to implement their Hydrographic Information Network.

CARIS Database Solution Completes Canadian Hydrographic Information NetworkThe Hydrographic Information Network project involved innovative changes, including adopting a multi-disciplinary organizational structure and more flexible management style, as well as embracing and developing new technological applications. The end result is that CHS hydrographers now have the best possible understanding of the acquisition, processing and the validation of data in an environment that promotes the continuous improvement and standardization of procedures.

The implementation of BDB is the final link in the Hydrographic Information Network. BDB utilizes the latest database server technology that allows for the management and analysis of all of CHS' bathymetry in one coherent structure. BDB allows multibeam, singlebeam, LiDAR, and historical soundings from a variety of sources to be brought together and managed for effective validation, analysis and product extraction.

Kevin Wilson, CARIS' strategic accounts manager, believes that working closely with clients is key to a successful implementation: "The relationship that has developed and evolved with the CHS is one that we are very proud of and we believe it has brought many benefits to both organizations. We work hard to develop advanced technology and are very fortunate to receive visionary input from these domain experts. I am pleased to see BDB successfully implemented in such a large-scale deployment as the CHS."

Andrée Bolduc, regional director of CHS Quebec, confirmed the importance of the implementation of the last link of the Hydrographic Information Network: "BDB has now been successfully implemented and is helping the CHS to maintain an innovative work environment for multi-disciplinary hydrographers where quality management is the cornerstone."

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Published 2011-06-03

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