CARIS Announces "Ping-to-Chart" Workshop Series

CARIS has announced a workshop series called Ping-to-Chart World Tour 2006.

This World Tour will be a unique series of five-day hands-on CARIS software training workshops that cover the workflow of hydrographic information from the echosounder "ping" through to the production and distribution of the "chart".

At each of the tour stops (including Australia, China, Chile, Denmark, India and Malaysia) CARIS will cover topics such as Multibeam Processing, Compilation and Management of Source Bathymetry and Database-driven Hydrographic Data Management, Product Creation and Distribution. Cutting-edge industry concepts like Combined Uncertainty and Bathymetry Estimation (CUBE) as well as one-feature-one-time data management will be explored to highlight the efficiencies that are now available.

"CARIS is launching its World Tour to advance marine and hydrographic organizations across the globe by optimizing their workflows with integrated solutions and leading-edge technologies," explained Andrew Hoggarth, CARIS Customer Services Manager. "CARIS will share the insights and best practices gained from its more than 27 years of experience in this industry — and give an outlook on upcoming technologies reshaping it."

The World Tour will be specifically relevant to Data Processors, Cartographers, Data Centre Supervisors, Operations Managers and others seeking an understanding of hydrographic workflows. A basic understanding of hydrography is considered useful but not essential.

Published 2006-02-27

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