Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey selects Bathy DataBASE

Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (GMGS), under the China Geological Survey, is the most recent geological institute to select Bathy DataBASE to address their requirements for the analysis and management of high volume elevation data.

GMGS utilizes a wide range of advanced instruments, including multibeam echosounders, to conduct their marine geology and geological prospecting operations in support of marine resources, the environment and geotechnical engineering. To date, the seafloor mapping activities of GMGS in shallow and deep water have resulted in approximately 300GB of data which required a scalable solution for effective storage and management.

The organization has been a user of HIPS and SIPS since 2007 for the processing of their multibeam bathymetry and sonar imagery data. The implementation of Bathy DataBASE will provide GMGS with the ability to incorporate data processed in HIPS and SIPS, but also their other data holdings in third party formats such as ASCII XYZ. This next phase of the CARIS Ping-to-Chart solution, which is being delivered in cooperation with CARIS partner Laurel Technologies, will provide GMGS with an enterprise solution to manage their current volumes of data and also the increased data volumes to be acquired through their continuous operations.

Published 2012-01-01

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