Learn about our latest software advancements at CARIS 2012

Learn about our latest software advancements at CARIS 2012 In addition to world class keynotes and our packed roster of technical presentations at this year’s international user group conference, each paper session will begin with a CARIS technology showcase delivered by our top experts. Attending CARIS 2012 will bring you up-to-date on our latest advancements, as well as paint the picture for where our technology is going in the coming years.

Paul Cooper, VP CARIS USA, will talk about emerging technologies for data discovery including such topics as marine SDI, web services, cloud computing and crowdsourcing. He will also explain CARIS’ future role in education; highlighting our latest online training resource and talking about our training efforts around the world.

Corey Collins, HIPS and SIPS Product Manager, will describe the latest Water Column processing capabilities including supplementing the seafloor model with water column observations. The showcase will also feature the first look at the fully integrated Multibeam Calibration Editor. Corey will also explain how we are speeding up the processing workflow by an order of magnitude.

Karen Cove, Bathy DataBASE Product Manager, will uncover plans for increased interoperability and accessibility. During the showcase you will hear how scripting language is going to provide system extensibility and also understand how the CSAR format is being supported through the open source GDAL library. You will see a range of new features and functions including dataset grouping options and refactored combine tools. On top of all this, you will obtain a better understanding of how laser measurement data will be further supported by the system.

Stéphane Thériault, HPD Product Manager, will showcase the new Paper Chart Composer application, the greatly anticipated replacement to CARIS GIS for paper chart production, as well as, Publications Module, designed for the creation of Notice to Mariners and other nautical publications, which already uses concepts from the IHO S-100 data model. You will also learn how we will be streamlining the administration of the HPD product suite.

As you can see there is so much to discover at CARIS 2012. Join us for this outstanding event by registering on the CARIS 2012 website. The conference registration deadline is June 15.

We look forward to seeing you there as we share the evolution of CARIS technology!

Published 2012-06-01

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