Calendar Images

Winning entries for the Teledyne CARIS calendar image contest

May 2017's featured winner:

Valentina Tamburri — LIGHTHOUSE SpA

About the Author

In 2005, Valentina graduated in Geological Sciences from the University of Bologna, Italy. She then continued her studies at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Florence, to gain a Master Degree in Geomatics and Natural Resources Evaluation in 2006. She has been employed since 2007 as a Geophysical Data Processor and Report Coordinator both offshore and onshore for several projects. Valentina has eight years of experience in MBES data processing with HIPS and SIPS software.

About the Image

The image is a high resolution morphological view of a basin area in the Mediterranean Sea. It shows a complex fault driven morphology with a graben in the western part, alternating ridges and troughs in the central and eastern parts.

A 60m high seamount is related to a salt diapir. Depth ranges between 1400m and 1600m w.d.

Data was captured by Subsea Survey Solutions LLC in alliance with LIGHTHOUSE SpA using a Kongsberg Simrad EM2040 installed on Hugin AUV and processed in HIPS and SIPS software.

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads

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