Calendar Images

Winning entries for the Teledyne CARIS calendar image contest

July 2017's featured winner:

Marc Roesbeke — Flemish Hydrography

About the Author

Marc began his career as a Hydrographic Assistant in 1981 in Ostend after obtaining a Bachelor Degree in both Public Works and Infrastructure, and Land Surveying. He later became a Junior Programmer, Application Manager and a member of several international working groups. Marc is a hydrographic expert, managing the IT team at the Flemish Hydrography and has multiple years of experience in all aspects of hydrographic chart production.

About the Image

The area covers the entrance of the port of Ostend. The 3-D image shows the harbour S-57 ENC "Ostend". Survey datasets were collected by a combination of KONGSBERG EM 3002D Multibeam, RIEGL Q680i LiDAR, ODOM MK III Singlebeam and SIMRAD EA 400 Singlebeam. Processing was completed using CARIS Bathy DataBASE (BDB) and Hydrographic Production Database (HPD).

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads

The calendar image is available in several screen resolutions. To download the image right-click on the appropriate screen resolution and select Save Link As... then save it to the desired location on your computer. Alternatively, click the link to view the wallpaper image then right-click and select Save Image As... or Set As Desktop Image.