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Winning entries for the Teledyne CARIS calendar image contest

February 2018's featured winner:

João Ventura da Cruz — Instituto Hidrográfico, The Portuguese Hydrographic Office

About the Author

João Ventura da Cruz is a Lieutenant and Hydrographic Surveyor in the Portuguese Navy. He attended the Portuguese Naval Academy from 2004 to 2009 and earned a Master's Degree in Military and Naval Science. In 2012 he obtained FIG/IHO/ICA Category A Level Hydrographic Surveyor certification. Since then he serves in the Hydrographic Brigade of the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute.

About the Image

In the early hours of February 1 in 1811, there was an eruption in the sea about 4 km off the Coast of São Miguel Island in Azores. One year later a small islet emerged and the captain of the British frigate HMS “Sabrina” sailing in the area, decided to claim sovereignty of this newly formed territory by placing a British flag on it. Months later the islet collapsed and formed the submarine mount on the image, named “Sabrina”. The British flag was recovered by local sailors and is kept in the island until today, as a reminder of the diplomatic incident.

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