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Winning entries for the Teledyne CARIS calendar image contest

April 2017's featured winner:

Ben Elliott — Freelance hydrographic surveyor

About the Author

Ben graduated in 2012 from the University of Plymouth with a first class honours degree in Hydrography. Since then, he has fulfilled a variety of roles including party chief, data coordinator, data processor and assistant head of hydrography. Ben has predominantly been working as a hydrographic surveyor working on offshore wind farm and nautical charting projects in the UK. Ben has 4 years of experience using CARIS HIPS & SIPS, largely processing and delivering multibeam echo sounder data for the United Kingdom Civil Hydrography Programme.

Ben is now a freelance hydrographic surveyor and continues to apply his CARIS HIPS & SIPS processing experience to a multitude of survey applications.

About the Image

A 2D view in CARIS HIPS & SIPS of high resolution MBES data acquired using a Kongsberg EM2040 in the "Sunk Inner" region of the Thames Estuary, North Sea. The image portrays a dynamic seabed illustrated by a series of sand waves extending from the Sunk TSS to South Ship Head.

The data was acquired in 2016 on board the EGS Pioneer as part of the UK Civil Hydrography Programme’s Routine Resurvey in the Thames Estuary.

Contains Maritime and Coastguard Agency data © Crown copyright

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