CARIS hosts pre-conference workshop at CHC 2012

CARIS hosts pre-conference workshop at CHC 2012 CARIS will be hosting a free half day pre-conference workshop in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada on Monday, May 14 at Canadian Hydrographic Conference (CHC) 2012.

The workshop will provide an informative introduction to Bathy DataBASE, a powerful system for the management and analysis of bathymetry data. Tools employed in typical workflows analyzing and managing gridded and point cloud datasets will be covered in the workshop, as well as an emphasis on compiling data from multiple sources and bathymetric/topographic data integration. To register for this interactive workshop visit the CHC 2012 website.

While at CHC 2012 don’t forget to stop by the CARIS booth 200-202 and ask our CARIS representatives about our Ping-to-Chart solution.

Published 2012-04-20

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