Italian Navy Successfully Migrates Bathymetry Data to CARIS Bathy DataBASE

The Italian Navy has successfully migrated its bathymetry data from its legacy system to Bathy DataBASE. The adoption of Bathy DataBASE followed a period of consultancy with CARIS at the Italian Navy's offices at the Istituto Idrografico della Marina in Genoa. The consultancy identified the specific needs of the Italian Navy, so that Bathy DataBASE could be tailored to the required specifications. Following the consultation process, training sessions were carried out to ensure that the suite of software could be effectively utilized.

The implementation of Bathy DataBASE went smoothly and was executed on time and according to plan. The Italian Navy is already seeing the benefits of the new system and is looking forward to collaboration with CARIS in the future.

"We are very happy with the use of Bathy DataBASE", said Captain E. Biscotti, head of the hydrographic department at the Italian Navy.

Published 2011-07-15

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