Object Class: S-57 Object Class Name

ENC Group 1 Area Object - if present, this comment indicates this object class is part of S-57 ENC Group 1 ("Skin of the Earth").

Prohibited for ENC - if present, this comment indicates this object class is prohibited in an S-57 ENC.

Acronym: six-character code for the object class (and permitted ENC geometry: Point, or Line, or Area, or None)

Code: integer code used in coding the data

Attributes: for each object class, the set of relevant attributes is defined; these are divided into three subsets; each subset shows a list of the six-character attribute acronyms - refer to the attribute catalogue for a description of each attribute:

Set Attribute_A: attributes in this subset define the individual characteristics of an object.

Set Attribute_B: attributes in this subset provide information relevant to the use of the data, e.g. for presentation or for an information system.

Set Attribute_C: attributes in this subset provide administrative information about the object and the data describing it.

* - indicates Mandatory attributes - i.e. values must be provided;

# - indicates Conditional attributes - i.e. values may need to be provided - consult the attribute reference for details.

Definition: where possible each object class is defined and the source of the definition is quoted.

References: provide guidelines used in the definition and description of object classes:

"INT 1": reference to the number of the equivalent paper chart feature in the "International Chart Series INT 1 - Symbols, Abbreviations, Terms used on Charts".

"S-4": reference to the paragraph number in the "Chart Specifications of the IHO", publication S-4.

Remarks: under "Remarks" further comments and notes may be given.

Distinction: related but separate object classes are listed under the heading "Distinction".