Attribute: Value of sounding

Acronym: VALSOU

Code: 179

Attribute type: F


The value of the measurement of a sounding relative to the chart datum.

ENC Condition:

# Must be encoded for all MARCUL objects if they are under water.
# For WRECKS objects, at least one of attributes CATWRK or VALSOU must be encoded.


INT 1: II 10, 11, 14, 15;

S-4: 410; 412 413.1;


Unit: defined in the DUNI subfield of the DSPM record or in the DUNITS attribute of the M_UNIT meta object class, e.g. metre (m)

Resolution: 0.1 m or 0.1 fm or 0.1 ft


sxxxxx.xx s: sign, negative values only.


18.2 for a sounding of 18.2 metres. -2.4 for a drying height of 2.4 metres.


A drying height is indicated by a negative value.