Attribute: Time end

Acronym: TIMEND

Code: 168

Attribute type: A


The 'time end' will consist of a date and a time separated by a capital "T". The date should be encoded using 4 digits for the calendar year (CCYY), 2 digits for the month (MM) (e.g. April = 04) an d 2 digits for the day (DD). The time should be encoded using 2 digits for the hour (hh), 2 digits for the minutes (mm) and 2 digits for the seconds (ss). This conforms to ISO 8601: 1988.


CCYYMMDDThhmmss (mandatory)


19940426T094500 for a period ending at 09:45 am on 26 April 1994.


The attribute 'time end' indicates the end of a active period.