Attribute: Tide - value of harmonic constituents

Acronym: T_VAHC

Code: 167

Attribute type: A


Harmonic constituents are the harmonic elements in a mathematical expression for the tide producing force and in the corresponding formula for the tidal curve. Each constituent represents a periodic change or variation in the relative positions of the earth, moon and sun.


the first is the number of columns (C, always 2) and the second is the number of rows (R). The next value(s) (C times) indicates the name(s) of the columns, and the next value(s) (R times) indicates the name(s) of the rows (ie constituents). Here after follow the values (C x R times) of amplitude and phase.


the following example encodes the amplitude and the phase for M2, S2, K1 and O1.


              amplitude         phase        

    M2          0.962            165         

    S2          0.361            243         

    K1          1.223            097         

    O1          0.875            143         


The attribute 'tide - value of harmonic constituents' contains a 2 dimensional array of harmonic constituents.