Attribute: Tide - high and low water values

Acronym: T_HWLW

Code: 162

Attribute type: A


Dates/times and heights are to be encoded in pairs, each value separated by a comma.

The date/time should be encoded using 4 digits for the calendar year (CCYY), 2 digits for the month (MM) (eg April = 04) and 2 digits for the day (DD), separated by a capital "T" from the hour (hh) and minutes (mm) which should each be encoded using 2 digits. This conforms to ISO 8601: 1988. Seconds should not be used.

The height should be given in metres (xx.x) with a resolution of 0.1 metre.






The attribute 'tide - high and low water values' encodes information on the times and heights of high and low waters for each day of the duration of the time series.