Attribute: Periodic date end

Acronym: PEREND

Code: 118

Attribute type: A


The end of the active period for a seasonal object (e.g. a buoy). See also 'date end'.


INT 1: IQ71;

S-4: 460.5;


the 'periodic date end' should be encoded using 4 digits for the calendar year (CCYY), 2 digits for the month (MM) (e.g. April = 04) and 2 digits for the day (DD). When no specific year is required (ie the object is removed at the same time each year) the following two cases may be considered: - same day each year: --MMDD - same month each year: --MM

This conforms to ISO 8601: 1988.


CCYYMMDD (full date, mandatory)

--MMDD (same day each year, mandatory)

--MM (same month each year, mandatory)


--1015 for an ending date of 15 October each year.


No remarks.