Attribute: Object Class Name

NEW in S-57 Edition 3.1.1

When approved for use, the attribute CLSNAM must also be defined in the data itself and contains the descriptive name of the object class. For an object class that is defined in an existing object catalogue, this is the name of the object class e.g. 'Depth Area'. CLSNAM must not be used for the common name of the real world object. Common names must be encoded by use of OBJNAM and or NOBJNM. CLSNAM is a generic name to categorize all objects of one class and therefore all objects that belong to the same object class must have an identical CLSNAM. The value used for CLSNAM must also be used for the new feature object class when it is proposed to the S-100 feature data dictionary manager.

Acronym: CLSNAM

Code: 191

Attribute type: S


Specifies the descriptive name of a 'new object' feature object class.


All 'new objects' of the same class must share the same CLSNAM.

The wording for the attribute CLSNAM must be approved by TSMAD before use.